Saturday, October 08, 2005

Cool It Reba

[Editor's Note: The following post was suggested and written by Bill W. As some of you have noticed I have not been posting as often as I have in the past so contributions are welcome and appreciated. Thanks Bill! - E.A.]

New York's Cool It Reba was spawned from the downtown post punk / no-wave scene in the early 1980's. They combined elements of James Brown funk, Television's guitar interplay and a more informed version of David Byrne's lyrical paranoia to a danceable beat. Formed in the Autumn of 1981, they quickly earned a reputation as one of New York's best bands, regularly playing such venues as C.B.G.B.'s, The Peppermint Lounge, The Mudd Club and Danceteria. After only their fourth gig they signed to Hannibal Records in 1982. Shortly thereafter, they released the Joe Boyd-produced Money Fall Out The Sky Ep. Containing such great songs as "I Saw Snakes", "Out Where The Buses Don't Run" and the title track, it was met with critical acclaim, making many critics' annual top-ten lists. The band then played alongside (and ultimately upstaged) the likes of Billy Idol, John Cale and R.E.M. Label restaffing and losing key members led to the ultimate break up of the band in the Summer of 1984. Half of the band later played together in the band Steve McQueen. Although only releasing one record during their existance, many bootlegs of their live shows and unreleased studio recordings have circulated, serving as a testament to their influence during the new wave era.

Cool It Reba were :
David Hansen - Lead vocals, Rhythm guitar.
John Fredericks - Lead guitar, Vocals.
Baker Rorick - Bass
Kevin Tooley - Drums, Percussion.

Later members included : Gordon Wands - Bass,
Sturgis Nikides, Jack Rigg, Sid McGuinness and
John McCurry - Lead Guitar...respectively.

Go to the download page to get Cool It Reba - "I Saw Snakes" here


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