Friday, September 15, 2006

The Bongos

While I don't consider Hoboken, NJ's The Bongos a "Lost Band" a rare upcoming concert and special edition release of "Drums Along the Hudson" compels me to write about them.

I was first alerted to The Bongos reuniting to play a couple of shows by extrawack a few months ago. The band will be performing the LP "Drums Along The Hudson" in it's entirety during two shows at Joe's Pub on October 14th. You can find out more about the show and get tickets here.

The Bongos & MobyAccording to the band's Richard Barone, the new CD version of "Drums Along the Hudson" may include a recording of the band's first live performance in 1980 (from a restored cassette), two live tracks from the Rainbow in London in 1981, the original video for "The Bulrushes," as well as a new version of "The Bulrushes" produced by Moby. ("The Bulrushes" was one of the first songs Moby ever performed in public.)

My thanks to Richard Barone for his emails, valuable info and allowing me to post the band's music.

The BongosA very, very brief history: In 1980 The Bongos were playing in Hoboken at Maxwell's when Rod Pearce from Fetish Records ask them for a demo. During the next five years the band would release three albums and an E.P., the last two on RCA records.

The Bongos were:
Richard Barone - vocals, guitars
Rob Norris - bass, vocals
Frank Giannini - drums, percussion, vocals
James Mastro - guitars, vocals

Visit The Bongos mySpace site.
Visit Richard Barone's mySpace site.
Visit Richard Barone's web site.
Purchase tickets to see The Bongos at Joe's Pub.

Buy "Drums Along the Hudson" original CD issue here if you can't wait a month or two for the special edition.

Go to the download page to get The Bongos - "Glow In The Dark" (live from Columbia University)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Metronomes

metronomesMelbourne, Australia's The Metronomes were founded by synth pioneers Al Webb and Andrew Picouleau sometime around 1979. They incorporated a metronome as a percussive rhythm instrument into their recordings and each member recorded separate compositions. The other member was allowed to contribute to the other members song but the originating member had the right to refuse or ignore any and all suggestions or contributions.

After a couple of singles Ash Wednesday was invited join. Then around 1981 they recorded the album "Multiple Choice" (1980, Cleopatra). The LP was greeted with mild enthusiasm by the alternative music press.

The group took a break but in 1985 recorded the album "Regular Guys" (1985, Cleopatra). This LP featured the next generation of synthesizers allowing the instrumental tracks to be recorded direct to tape, a process which almost entirely eliminated tape hiss.

The group took a break and pursued other interests but sometime around 2000 they began work on a new project and after 3 or 4 years of sporadic effort a new CD, "Today" was released. All three members continue to make music.

The Metronomes were:
Andrew Picouleau - visit his metronomes site
Ash Wednesday - visit Ash's site
Al Webb - visit Al's site

Go to the Metronomes site to hear samples of their last CD.

Go to the download page to get The Metronomes - "A Living Person" mp3