Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Brains activity on the increase

[I received the following email today and decided to pass it along since I had posted about The Brains almost two years ago. Thanks for the email Richard]


"The Brains, the Atlanta band that flared briefly in the 1980s with the hit “Money Changes Everything” and then flamed out, is returning, in a sense. The guys plan a one-off gig at Club 29 in Decatur on Saturday (1/27/2007) that will feature Tom Gray (the brain behind the Brains) singing five or six Brains songs, with backing by the Swimming Pool Qs (fellow exiles from the 1980s Atlanta rock scene), with guest appearances by ex-Brainsmen Charles Wolff (on drums) and perhaps Rick Price (on guitar). Gray, who lately gigs with his chamber blues ensemble Delta Moon, is perplexed but pleased about the redux. “The Brains’ site on MySpace, run by our former fan club president, has more ‘friends’ than Delta Moon does,” he said in a recent e-mail. “Somehow forces I don’t understand are converging.”

If you can stand myspace (I can't) here's a really beautiful, well designed myspace site (complete with falling skulls) with more info on the Brains and the show.

And here is the title track from the "Dancing Under the Streetlights" EP released in 1982 on Landslide Records.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Headboys

headboysEdinburgh Scotland's the Headboys released an album of pop rock in 1979 on Robert Stigwood's RSO label. The first single, "The Shape of Things to Come" was a minor hit and the band planned a U.S. tour to support the album and join the New Wave craze that they reluctantly became a part of. But they soon decided that they were not ready for touring and retreated to the Scottish countryside to record another album. The album was not released and the band split up.

Headboy keyboardist Calum Malcolm has owned Castle Sound Studios in Scotland where the Headboys lp was recorded for over 20 years and has produced records for The Blue Nile, Prefab Sprout and others.

The Headboys were:
Lou Lewis - guitar and vocals
George Boyter - bass and vocals
Calum Malcolm - keyboards and vocals
Davy Cross - drums and vocals

Go to the download page to get The Headboys - "The Shape of Things To Come"