Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Now

The NowNew York, NY's, The Now were caught in the New Wave rush in 1979. They were playing the Max's Kansas City scene when they signed to Midsong International Records and hooked up with producer de jour Bobby Orlando. An album was "produced, arranged, engineered and concieved" by Mr. Orlando and sold about 200,000 records - enough to warrant a second LP which the band started to record. Then the label literally disappeared from their New York City offices. The band never received a dime and that was the end of The Now. The band splintered off into various bands but none achieved any level of success.

A live disc recorded in 1979 was released on CD. Check it out here.

Thanks to Geoff Danielik for his patience and answering my emails. Geoff continues to record, write and produced. His company is Alter Ego Productions. Visit his website here and hear what he is up to at his myspace page.

The Now were:
Jeff Lennon - (Geoff "Lip" Danielik)
Mamie Francis
Robin Dee
Bobby Ore - (Bobby Orefiece)

Go to the download page to get The Now - "Can You Fix Me Up With Her"