Sunday, October 31, 2004

Bloggin' For Democracy

As I was flipping through a box of old singles the picture sleeve of Faith Brother's "Country of the Blind" (Select) caught my eye. The cover by artist Conny Jude, depicts the planet earth shooting itself in the mouth. Combine this image with the song and you have a message that is still relevant today. We can't be blind during the coming U.S. presidential election. It could be one of the most important elections of our lives. The music blogging community has banded together to remind you that you need to get ready to vote. Find out where your polling place is. Tell your friends to vote. VOTE! Not a U.S. citizen? Then call or email your American friends and make sure they plan on voting. Need help sorting through the rhetoric? Here are some links:
Rock The


George W.

Music For
Declare Yourself

Just Vote

My Polling Place

Get Educated

Let's Not Be Blind - Get Out And Vote On November 2nd.

But I digress. Faith Brothers, led by Bill Franks, wrote some politically charged songs back in the mid 80's and released a couple of albums. Faith Brothers were Billy Franks - guitar, vocals; Lee Hirons - bass; Mark Hirons - guitar; Steve Howlett - drums; Will Tipper - trumpet; Henry Trezise - keyboards; Mark Waterman - saxophone.

Thanks to Billy Franks for allowing me to post his music. Billy continues to make music and also has appeared in a couple of films.

Go to the download page to get Faith Brothers "Country of The Blind"

and also to hear a little PSA from Chris Stamey w/Yo La Tengo called "V.O.T.E."


Blogger merrick said...

The Faith Brothers could really cut it live too - their punchy brass-powered sound really fitted in with the political british soul-influenced pop of the day, like the Style Council. Also highly recommended is the Falklands War ballad, Easter Parade. Just be glad they never released their well intentioned but ill-judged cover of Peter Gabriel's Biko.

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