Monday, October 11, 2004

This One Goes Out to George W.

After watching the recent U.S. presidential debates and finally seeing "Fahrenheit 9/11", I couldn't help be reminded of the song by The Heaters called "I Don't like Your Face". While there are better Heaters songs to be found on the reissued CD, the sophomoric lyrics of this song, which if you lived in Seattle in the early 80's you couldn't avoid, are appropriate here.

The Heats, first known as the The Heaters, changed their name after learning that another band was using the name. As The Heaters they were one of the biggest bands in Seattle in the early 80's. You couldn't go to a club or a party without hearing the power pop anthem "I Don't Like Your Face". The single sold over 10,000 copies. Their debut album "Have An Idea" (Albatross Records) was named one of the "50 essential power-pop albums" by Goldmine. After signing a management deal, they landed a spot touring with the Knack. They also opened for the Records, the Kinks and Heart among others. The band split up in 1983. The Heats were: Steve Pearson - guitar, Don Short - guitar, Keith Lilly - bass, Ken Deans - drums, and later Wayne Clack - bass, Rick Bourgoin - drums. Steve Pearson later formed the Rangehoods and continues to record.

Find out more about the Heats here.

A CD was reissued by Seattle's Chuckie-Boy Records

Buy the Heats "Smoke" CD here.

Go to the download page to get The Heaters/Heats- "I Don't Like Your Face" mp3 here


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Hi. I do an occasional post on cool blogs I find by clicking the Next Blog button on the NavBar on my site. Your's is may latest.

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Blogger c said...

blotto and the raybeats! wahoooo!
k, i bookmarked you.

- blogopogo

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Heaters/Heats were an amazing band live. I probably saw them 100+ times in Seattle between '81-'84. The "Smoke" CD only captures a bit of their sound. "Live and Live Again" is pretty good, but the lost tracks appear to be the single "Rivals" from '83 and "Burnin Live" recorded at the Seattle's famous Astor Park, now a vacant lot next to the Warwick Hotel and the Cinerama theater in downtown Seattle. Many a fond memories of blowjobs gone by there... Ah youth.

12:01 AM  

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