Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Individuals

The IndividualsNew York/New Jersey's The Individuals along with The Feelies and The Bongos were credited with originating the "Hoboken Sound". They released one EP, "Aquamarine" (Infidelity, 1981) and an LP "Fields" (Plexus, 1982) that were both produced by Gene Holder of the dB's. The Individuals broke up in 1983 but Glenn Morrow (guitars /sax/ keyboard/vocals) formed Rage to Live and then co-founded indie label Bar/None. Siblings Janet Wygal (bass / keyboards /guitar/ vocals) and Doug Wygal (drums/ percussion) formed the Wygals and Jon Light Klages (lead guitar /keyboards /vocals) went on to play solo and with Richard Lloyd (Television) and Russ Tolman and Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate). Thanks to Glenn Morrow for allowing me to post his music.

Visit Bar/None Records and ask them to release The Individuals on CD.

Go to the download page to get The Individuals - "Dancing w/ My Eighty Wives"

Friday, July 15, 2005

The Go - "Instant Reaction"

The Go - Instant ReactionOver a year ago I wrote about the power pop band The Go from New York City. They have finally released a CD of their own on Japan's Wizzard's In Vinyl label. (Why is power pop so big in Japan?) This collection takes the rare "Instant Reaction" E.P. - the only vinyl released by the band - and adds 17 other tracks recorded by the band themselves but never released plus 2 radio spots. The CD is loaded with power pop gems that feature jangly guitars and thwacking drums - no small feat for tracks recorded in their garage on a Teac reel-to-reel over 20 years ago. The songs are strong enough to make you wonder why this band never landed on a major label.

The Go were Kenny Dutch : Guitars/Vocal, Tom Conte : Guitars/Vocal, George Peters : Bass/Vocals, Joe Brya : Drums/Percussion. Kenny and Tom still play in a band called Hipripper. My thanks to Ken for allowing me to post the bands music.

Visit The Go's website to learn more about the band and find places to buy the CD.

Go to Wizzard's In Vinyl site to order the CD.

Go to the download page to get The Go - "Instant Reaction"

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Car Crash Set

Car Crash SetAuckland, New Zealand's Car Crash Set were a pioneering electronic band in the mid 80's. The band released several singles as well as one album and an EP that was remixed and produced by John Fryer of Mute Records fame. "Outsider" was the bands debut single (Reaction, 1983). The band toured extensively and opened for OMD, Shriekback and Hunters and Collectors.

Car Crash Set were initially:
Nigel Russell -Vocals and Synths (ex Spelling Mistakes/Danse Macabre) - went on to play with Greg Johnson
Dave Bulog - Keyboards, Guitar
Trevor Reekie - Keyboards, Guitar - formed Pagan Records.

and also:
Simon Brown - Drums
Rick Robertson - Sax
Henry Downes - Percussion
Sharon Tuapawa - Backing vocals
Ryan Monga - Bass

Get Car Crash Set music here

Go to the download page to get Car Crash Set- "Outsider"