Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Tits/Minny Pops

minny popsElvis Presley died 28 years ago today. One response from Amsterdam came from Wally van Middendorp and his band the Tits. "We're So Glad Elvis Is Dead" (Plurex, 1978) was the first release on van Middendorp's Plurex label and the only release from the Tits as he soon founded Minny Pops. Named after the Korg rhythm machine called a mini pop, they debuted in 1979 with single "Kojak", which featured impressions of Telly Savalas' TV character. Later that year the album "Drastic Measures, Drastic Movements" was released and caught the attention of England's Factory Records. They signed with Factory and worked with legendary producer Martin Hannett which resulted in the single "Dolphin's Spurt" (Factory, 1981). They become the first Dutch group to record a Peel Session. In 1982 they released the electronic dance album "Sparks in a Dark Room". Two further albums followed before the band split for good in 1985.

Minny Pops were:
Wally van Middendorp - vocals, drum machine (Currently working as the International A & R manager for CNR Records)
Frans Hagenaars - bass
Peter Mertens - guitar
Dennis Duchhart - guitar
Stef Emmer - guitar
Willem (Wim) Dekker - keyboards

Go to the download page to get The Tits - "We're So Glad Elvis Is Dead"

Go to the download page to get Minny Pops - "Dolphin's Spurt"


Blogger Jun Eric said...

One of the much missed band,Good thing LTM released their back catalogue to see the light of the day:)


8:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like this too....great NL band !ltm james:thanx !(for cd´s)

6:31 PM  
Anonymous Eva Jettmar said...

Don't forget talented guitarist Gerard Walhof in the band lineup who later became an executive at Vinyl magazine, and subsequently a high ranking executive at VPRO Dutch radio with a landmark alternative music radio show.

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Britten said...

What a lovely piece about this band. And it never fails to make me grin that the singer called his first recorded effort (with teenaged punk brio) Tits! There's something impressive (or is that endearing?) about people who decide to make music not to become popular and liked but to startle and even offend... Anyway, for all that Minny Pops are certainly a "lost band of the new wave era", they are going to perform their first shows in 30 years (crikey) in January 2012. The tour dates are at www.minnypops.com. Look for them in the "found" bit of the lost-and-found, I guess, still getting up people's noses I bet.

4:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The good news is Minny Pops have reformed and will play four shows (Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, London) in the UK in January and will bring dutch hopefuls Rats on Rafts with them. At the London show Viv Albertine will be special guest. LTM will release Minny Pops's 'Standstill to Motion' live CD / DVD next week

5:53 PM  

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