Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Metronomes

metronomesMelbourne, Australia's The Metronomes were founded by synth pioneers Al Webb and Andrew Picouleau sometime around 1979. They incorporated a metronome as a percussive rhythm instrument into their recordings and each member recorded separate compositions. The other member was allowed to contribute to the other members song but the originating member had the right to refuse or ignore any and all suggestions or contributions.

After a couple of singles Ash Wednesday was invited join. Then around 1981 they recorded the album "Multiple Choice" (1980, Cleopatra). The LP was greeted with mild enthusiasm by the alternative music press.

The group took a break but in 1985 recorded the album "Regular Guys" (1985, Cleopatra). This LP featured the next generation of synthesizers allowing the instrumental tracks to be recorded direct to tape, a process which almost entirely eliminated tape hiss.

The group took a break and pursued other interests but sometime around 2000 they began work on a new project and after 3 or 4 years of sporadic effort a new CD, "Today" was released. All three members continue to make music.

The Metronomes were:
Andrew Picouleau - visit his metronomes site
Ash Wednesday - visit Ash's site
Al Webb - visit Al's site

Go to the Metronomes site to hear samples of their last CD.

Go to the download page to get The Metronomes - "A Living Person" mp3


Anonymous Mannequin said...

Mannequin is more than enthusiastic to announce the re-release of both the LPs (“Multiple Choice” from 1980 and “Regular Guys” from 1985) plus the 2 singles seven inches “Saturday Night / Sunday Morning” and “A Circuit Like Me” from The Metronomes, a legendary minimal synth band from Australia.

The group was an integral part of the early electronic music scene in Australia and their releases have become a collector’s item in Europe, as they are mostly impossibile to find.

The Metronomes first appeared in Melbourne in 1979, initial members were rock journo-synth player Al Webb, the bass player Andrew Picouleau (Secret Police, Sacred Cowboys) and the synth-pioneer Ash Wednesday, nowdays a live tour member of Einsturzende Neubauten.

Record features:

- 2x12’’ black vinyl, 33 1/3 rpm (Multiple Choice LP + Regular Guys LP)
- 7’’ black vinyl, 33 1/3 (Saturday Night / Sunday Morning 7’’ + A Circuit Like Me 7’')
- Limited pressing of 500 copies
- Insert with rare pictures
- Handnumbered postcard insert

Release date: November 2010.


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