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furnitureLondon's Furniture is best known for the hit song "Brilliant Mind" that appeared on the soundtrack to the 1987 film "Some Kind of Wonderful" but their story started long before then. They played gigs as early as 1979 when the band was all around 19 years old and issued a single, "Shaking Story" on their own label in 1981. They released a couple of albums on the Premonition label in the mid 80's before signing to the legendary Stiff Records label and recording the album "The Wrong People". As with many bands (see Dirty Looks) this became a problem as the label soon closed down and the album was sold to ZTT Records. ZTT deleted the album after it sold out it's initial pressing. Due to legal wranglings with ZTT they never signed to a label again until 1990 but never achieved the success they deserved.

Furniture was:
Jim Irvin - vocals, percussion
Sally Still - bass, vocals
Maya Gilder - keyboards
Hamilton Lee - drums, vocals
Tim Whelan - guitar, vocals
Larry N'Azone - saxophone

Go to the download page to get Furniture - "Brilliant Mind"


Anonymous NancyKay Shapiro said...

Oh how I adored them! After a penpal sent me a mixtape with the original recording of "Love Your Shoes", I was obsessed. The first time I traveled to England, in '86 or so, I went into every record shop in London and the home counties looking for Furniture vinyl, and came back with a nice little haul.

How I wish all their stuff would be reissued. The early indie stuff, really. I still have the records, though, thank heavens.

2:19 PM  
Blogger rich said...

One of my favourite guilty pleasures

12:02 PM  

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