Monday, February 28, 2005

Intaferon - "Baby Pain"

England's Simon. F. (Fellowes). and Simon G. (Gillham) released two singles [correction: 3 singles - see comment] in the U.K. as the band Intaferon. "Get Out of London" was a minor hit but "Baby Pain" (Chrysalis) failed to score and Intaferon never released an album. Simon F went solo and rerecorded "Baby Pain", released a few albums and still failed to breakthrough.

"Get Out Of London" made an appearance in of all things a Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen movie, was covered by the Pretenders for the Wild Thornberries movie and appeared on the "Living In Oblivion" CD series.

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Monday, February 21, 2005

The Cretones

The Cretones released two great, chimming, power pop records in the early 80's on Richard Perry's Planet records. They were filled with so many great songs that I couldn't decide which one I would post so I created the Cretones "Love Mix". I mixed three great songs from their debut album "Thin Red Line" with love in the titles - "Real Love", "Mad Love" and "Cost of Love". Too late for Valentine's Day but it's still February. Those not familiar with the Cretones' versions of the last two songs may have heard them on Linda Rondstadt's "Mad Love" album. She recorded those two Mark Goldenberg compositions plus "Justine" on her attempt at New Wave. Mark also contributed guitars and backing vocals to her album and fellow band member and Cretones producer Peter Bernstein got a credit for acoustic guitars on one track and a special thanks.

The Cretones were Mark Goldenberg guitars, vocals, Peter Bernstein - bass, vocals; Steve Beers - drums and Steve Leonard - keyboards, vocals. According to Mark the Cretones never officially broke up.

Special thanks to Mark Goldenberg for allowing me to post and mess with his music. Mark has been lead guitarist for Jackson Browne since 1994 and also has played for Bonnie Raitt, Eels, Chris Isaak, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Peter Frampton and even William Shatner. He's written several hit songs including "Automatic" for the Pointer Sisters and "Novocaine For the Soul" with Mark Oliver Everett of the Eels. Visit Mark's site here and buy his latest CD.

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Big in The Phillippines

Reading, England's Seona Dancing released just two 7" singles and 12" remixes in the U.K. in the early 80's on London Records. Neither were hits but two years later they were big in the Phillippines.

According to All Music Guide: "DWRTFM in Manila started spinning a dreamy ballad called "Fade," by Medium. The song title and artist name were completely bogus, created so that their competitors wouldn't be able to find the record and play it themselves; a station I.D. was even inserted midway through the track, making it impossible for other DJs to record it and spin it on their own stations. A year later, its true identity was revealed on Manila's now legendary New Wave powerhouse DWXB102"

That song was Seona Dancing's "More To Lose". Seona Dancing were keyboardist Bill Macrae and vocalist Ricky Gervais who went on to manage Suede before they broke big and also wrote and starred in The Office on the BBC.

Seona Dancing have been blogged about before here and by Wily the Filipino where you can find the 12" mix of "More To Lose". You can also find a page dedicated to the band here.

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Monday, February 07, 2005

Little Girls - "How To Pick Up Girls"

Los Angeles' Little Girls released a six song EP called "Thank Heaven" (PVC) in 1983. Their kewpie-doll vocals combined with power pop hooks were a hit with Rodney Bingenheimer on KROQ scoring with the "Earthquake Song" and "How To Pick Up Girls". The Little Girls and their band were Caron Maso - guitar, vocals, Michele Maso - vocals, Kip Brown - guitar,vocals, Jon Gerlach - drums, Jeff Fair - Bass, and Steve Sicular - guitars. Caron and Michelle were joined by Kip for a reunion at the Santa Monica Playhouse in January 2004 for a St. Valentine's Day benefit.

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