Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Mod Fun

Mod FunIn 1983 three highschoolers in New Jersey heard "This is the Modern World" by The Jam and Mod Fun was born. Upon graduating high school in 1984, the band moved to California & was welcomed into the Mod Scene. Mod Fun released two singles, "I Am With You" and "Mary Goes Round" (New, 1984), an EP "Hanging Round" on Making Tyme! Records which was co-produced by Ron Rimsite of 99th Floor Fanzine fame, and two Albums, "Dorothy's Dream" and "90 Wardour Street" on Midnight Records. They toured the U.S. three times and after a European tour called it quits in 1987.

The CD collection "Past Forward" was released by GET HIP in 1995 and was reissued in 2004. It contains most of their recorded output including some UK-only tracks that first appeared on the Hi Lo Records LP "American Heart and Soul" and were remixed for their debut on cd. Also included on the 20-track collection is unreleased material produced by legendary rock scribe Jim DeRogatis and many vinyl-only tracks from Mod Fun's original three 7-inchers & two 12-inchers. You can buy it here.

Mod Fun are back in New Jersey playing and recording together. Watch their website for details

Mod Fun were/are:
Mick London - guitar and vocals
Chris Collins - drums and vocals
Bob Strete - bass and vocals

Thanks to Mick for allowing me to post his music.

Go to the download page to get Mod Fun - "I Am With You" mp3 here

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Tits/Minny Pops

minny popsElvis Presley died 28 years ago today. One response from Amsterdam came from Wally van Middendorp and his band the Tits. "We're So Glad Elvis Is Dead" (Plurex, 1978) was the first release on van Middendorp's Plurex label and the only release from the Tits as he soon founded Minny Pops. Named after the Korg rhythm machine called a mini pop, they debuted in 1979 with single "Kojak", which featured impressions of Telly Savalas' TV character. Later that year the album "Drastic Measures, Drastic Movements" was released and caught the attention of England's Factory Records. They signed with Factory and worked with legendary producer Martin Hannett which resulted in the single "Dolphin's Spurt" (Factory, 1981). They become the first Dutch group to record a Peel Session. In 1982 they released the electronic dance album "Sparks in a Dark Room". Two further albums followed before the band split for good in 1985.

Minny Pops were:
Wally van Middendorp - vocals, drum machine (Currently working as the International A & R manager for CNR Records)
Frans Hagenaars - bass
Peter Mertens - guitar
Dennis Duchhart - guitar
Stef Emmer - guitar
Willem (Wim) Dekker - keyboards

Go to the download page to get The Tits - "We're So Glad Elvis Is Dead"

Go to the download page to get Minny Pops - "Dolphin's Spurt"

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Hawaiian Pups

New York, NY's Hawaiian Pups never intended to get signed to a major label. While producing music of their own to use to find additional producing and engineering work, they were signed to Portrait Records and released an EP "Split Second Precision" (Portrait 1983) and a 7" single "Spook Opera". The track "Baby Judy" got a lot of attention at college radio but failed to make the commercial station's playlists due to it's Devo meets Dr. Demento sound. They recorded some additional demos, got caught in the typical major label shuffle and the chaos that ensued, and that was it. According to a Hawaiian Pups website they are in the process of releasing a retrospective CD of the E.P., single and unreleased demos. At the site you can also read a fairly recent interview and download the "Spook Opera" track which was a Dr. Demento favorite.

The Hawaiian Pups were:

John Klett (who also played with the Individuals) is currently a sound engineer.
John Terelle is currently making music and sound for cable TV.
and Tara Shanahan

Go to the download page to get The Hawaiian Pups - "Baby Judy"